Tuesday TEDx Talks Playlist

Hundreds of talks from independently organized TEDx events around the world are published on the TEDxTalks website daily.

Each Tuesday, we’ll choose four of our favorites, highlighting just a few of the enlightening talks from TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Browse all TEDxTalks here »

Many people think creativity is innate. Dr. Roberta Ness shows us that creativity can be taught and improved through careful teaching.

How do you keep your brain young? At TEDxSoCal, Elizabeth Amini gives us her top ten tips for staying sharp.

A Media Psychologist, Dr. Jonny White explores how stories and media influence, shape and define our lives.

In this Spanish-language talk, Lisa Solmirano discusses the problem of social and economic exclusion, and how sports can be used to engage dis-empowered youth.

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