TEDx Teams Up With IDEO to Relaunch “TEDx in a Box” Initiative

TEDx has teamed up with IDEO.org to launch the second phase of the TEDx in a Box initiative, first launched in December of last year.
The IDEO.org team – Emily, Marika and Robin — were excited to work on their first project as IDEO.org fellows:
Emily: “I’m thrilled to be on this project with TEDx. One of my priorities this year with IDEO.org is to get my hands dirty and design tangible and useful things that creates a positive impact on the world.
Marika: “Most projects for poor communities focus on negatives, but this project is inspiring and unique, and focuses on tangible solutions that can be delivered on a really short time frame.
Robin: “I love the challenge of working to help people bring big ideas to communities that are not typically exposed to them.
After interviews with TEDx in a Box event organizers, and countless brainstorming sessions with co workers at IDEO, the IDEO.org team concluded with six key insights to incorporate into the second phase of the box:
They found that TEDx Organizers wanted: support explaining the importance of TEDx to their local community, to cater to bigger audiences, to be able to create their own content, a simpler box technology, help planning the event beyond just setting up the box and an more easily transported box.
With this in mind, they set forth on the “Box’s” second iteration.

The result is a multi-use and adaptable organizational system — with color coded and icon-specific system graphics — that make set-up and implementation of a TEDx event easy.
The package includes a projector, PA system, DVD player, battery, inverter, two camcorders, a power strip, an SD card and a tripod. The system is separated into nine color-coded systems, based on use.
Also included is a Quickstart Guide that visually guides the event organizer on how to charge the system, set it up to watch a TEDTalk and host live speakers, with or without slides. It also includes helpful tips for set-up in rooms with varying degrees of light.

Take a look:

TEDx in a Box from IDEO.org on Vimeo.

The next step? Build a few boxes, and send them out to TEDx communities around the globe.

Follow the IDEO.org fellows on their TEDx in a Box creation journey on the IDEO.org Blog.

With a “TEDx in a Box”, individuals in developing communities are delivered all the resources they need in order to organize a TEDx event — which in its first iteration included Two N8 Nokia phones, preloaded with TEDTalks and capable of recording video, a miniature video projector, audio speakers, a power strip and the TEDx Developing World Toolkit document — packaged in one small, portable box.

The program launched with 10 boxes and events were held in India, Bangladesh, South Africa, Brazil and Ecuador.

Among them were TEDxGawair, an event in the Gawair slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh, organized by Masarat Daod, and TEDxKliptown in South Africa — held in a community that does not have formal housing, running water or electricity.

More information on the program can be found here.

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