I’ve always called myself a storyteller, so first I’d like to share with you some stories of my own TEDx:

My Co Organizer Joey and I met through TED, and now we are great friends. At that time, he just been made a TEDFellow for TEDGlobal 2010, and I found his information through TED.com and contacted him.

Last September, we started TEDxFactory798. We thought up a theme that intrigued both of us — Outsider Insider.  Joey is an American artist living in China, while I was a very recent graduate from international relations and had gotten immersed into questions like nationalism and identity a lot. We invited our friends to present their thoughts and stories over the theme.  It was so inspiring and after that, we wanted to continue this effort. The theme of our next theme will be around communication, based on our common query about languages, social media, political democratization, culture interaction, technology and media.

We want TEDxFactory798 to be a platform where people come to share their thoughts and engage with people afterwards.  

At the recent TEDx Organizer Workshop in Beijing on October 16th, 15 TEDx Organizers from Beijing and Tianjinn came together to exchange understanding of TEDx and share stories at the Scent of Book school courtyard in the Hutong area of Beijing.  

After Salome of the TED team gave a presentation about the TEDx rule and guidelines, each TEDx team gave a 5 minute presentation their event. We discussed and brought up challenges and solutions together. The most important message we gained from the workshop is: TEDx is not a brand. It’s about ideas and spirit. It’s about engaging with your local community. Rather than putting more emphasis on the quality and facility, more attention should be paid to the theme, speakers and audience.

Written by Ellen Cheng, the Co Organizer and curator of TEDxFactory798

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