This Week’s TEDxTalks Playlist

Hundreds of talks from independently organized TEDx events around the world are published on the TEDxTalks website weekly.

Each Tuesday, we’ll choose four of our favorites, highlighting just a few of the enlightening talks from TEDx community, and its diverse constellation of ideas worth spreading. Browse all TEDxTalks here »

As non-lethal weapons become increasingly sophisticated and popular, the ethics of their use grows complicated. At TEDxCanberra, Stephen Coleman explores the ramifications of reliance on these weapons.

A new form of illiteracy has been formed from the 70% percent of the world’s population that lacks access to and knowledge of new technologies — a sharp digital divide. Aleph Molinari analyzes the consequences of this growing problem and offers some solutions.

John Downing argues that engaging individuals is key to building and strengthening communities. In this talk, he breaks down his theory of ”econoeduclusion”, and how to engage people meaningfully.

Sandra Fisher Martins discusses the consequences of difficult to understand but common legal documents — medical forms, lease agreements, bank statements — and her campaign for plain language.

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