TEDxYouthDay Viewing Party at a Juvenile Prison

The juvenile prison in Lipcani, Moldova is working to empower youth by embracing obstacles and creating opportunities. Young people understand the difference between right and wrong; they also understand the role the environment plays in influencing society. The prison has a history of creating projects that stimulate young minds, inspiring them to take action. What separates us from them is very little. What unites us with them is a lot. We all share a common interest: “ideas worth spreading.”

TEDxYouth@Chisinau will be watched as a livestream from the prison.

In 2005, the juvenile prison from Lipcani was the first to have a penitentiary newspaper managed by the young inmates. In 2011, it launched the Photovoice Project, showcasing their way of life using the power of photography.

At TEDxYouth@Chisinau, our mission is to share good ideas, independent of location. So on November 20th, 2011, the juvenile prison in Lipcani, Moldova will get to experience a piece of TEDxYouthDay through a broadcast of the TEDxYouth@Chisinau livestream, where 47 young viewers will watch the event live and give feedback.

Viorel Pahomi, a TEDxYouth@Chisinau speaker, believes that his message is for everyone and that people should not be discriminated against just because some people walk free and others are in jail. Freedom of thought is everywhere; creativity and intelligence do not have boundaries.

Another TEDxYouth@Chisinau speaker, Nicolae Apostu, will be speaking about “The Republic of Facebook.” He wants to demonstrate that it is not only politicians who have agency in this country.

We believe that everybody will gain something from our event, whether big or small. A new idea, a new passion, a new drive.

As an official TEDxYouthDay reporter, I will be at the Lipcani juvenile prison to watch with them. It will be a great opportunity to go there and to see another point of view. I think that they all should have the opportunity to be speakers at some point, to teach us life lessons.

TEDxYouthDay is a global event that brings us closer to our ideas and the parts of our lives we all share around the world. TEDxYouth@Chisinau may be a life changing experience.

Written by Alexandru Lebedev, a young official TEDxYouth@Chisinau reporter.

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