TEDxYouth@EISJ: An Astounding Event!

On Sunday, November 20th, 11 speakers and 10 performers –- all students — kept us glued to the theater’s chairs with their astounding speeches and musical performances.

In the theater foyer there were activities that reflected the global theme of “Play, Learn, Build & Share.”

TEDxYouth@EISJ earned rave reviews from both students and teachers:

It was one of the best students functions that I have ever attended in my years of teaching. I had planned on leaving after the first interval, however I was so emotionally attached that I couldn’t bring myself to go. - Ms. Sara Evans

Without doubt the best school presentations I have ever witnessed. - Mr. Peter Dennehy, Business and Economics Teacher

I definitely felt connected to all the participants and enjoyed the very personal material that they shared. Fantastic job! It was inspiring and kept me thinking all night. - Ms. Assya Makawi, Art subject leader 

Students were absolutely fabulous last night. I was impressed by the variety of talents on display.  All of the students made EIS – J proud last night. - Mrs. Amber Singh, Deputy Principal Curriculum

WOW! I cannot find the words to describe my experience last night. - Mrs. Barbara Exley, Deputy Principal Welfare

I‘m still in awe of the musical performances and the ability and depth of thought that our students demonstrated in the presentations, I’m still emotional. I sincerely thank the teaching team  for giving up so much of their time so our students could experience last evening, they will remember that for a long time. Well done. - Mr. Phillip Burgess, Principal

I started this project because I wanted to have a CAS experience and something special to put in my college application but after being in it I enjoyed so much, I had so much fun  that I didn’t even think of those elements any more. - Samia Merchant, 12th grade student

It was so special. We made it! - Nikhil Punwaney, TEDxYouth@EISJ team leader

We will miss our TEDx meetings! Let’s have some more. - Nessma Djouri, TEDxYouth@EISJ stage curator

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