Watching the TEDxYouth@Amman Livestream

TEDxYouthDay was a day of firsts for me:

  1. First time watching a livestreamed TEDx event
  2. First time watching a livestreamed TEDxYouth event
  3. First time hearing the word “Educativity” from TEDxYouth@Amman
  4. First time live reporting over the Internet

The first event I watched was TEDxYouth@Amman. I watched the livestream between 11:00PM and 9AM although I did manage to get a few hours of sleep during the scheduled breaks. The event itself was incredible.

I got to see how TEDx events bring the ideals of TED, “ideas worth spreading,” to a broader audience around the world. At TEDxYouth@Amman, the theme was “Educativity,” which each speaker addressed in his or her own way. The speakers at TEDxYouth@Amman were amazing and many of them broadened my world view! Here were some of my favorites:

1. A Jordanian dance group that performed at the end of the TEDxYouth@Amman blew my mind. I love that TEDx events don’t just stick to the standard conference format of having someone stand up on a stage and talk, and allow for the program to integrate this type of performance. There were more than 20 young people on the stage, each doing a different style of ballet, hip-hop, and other dance forms, but the choreography made the piece come together.

2. Ward Wakileh, a slam poet, nearly brought tears to my eyes. He presented his idea of school, and how “Educativity” can help those who are out of the box when it comes to the standard model of learning. He shared his own frustrations from his experiences as a student in the classic school environment. He concluded by showing us that he figured out how he learns best, and that he has continued to learn through this process throughout his life. He views this process as “Educativity” and described it as an environment where creativity is integrated with education to enhance learning. He believes it’s the future of classrooms around the world.

There were many more speakers who inspired me to take a new perspective on education and how it can meld with creativity. After all, they are two similar concepts! Thank you, TEDxYouth@Amman, for broadening my horizons, and leaving me with an brain overloaded with “idea’s worth spreading.”

By Adi Davis, an official TEDxYouthDay viewing party reporter.

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