TEDx at TEDActive Experiences #1: Meeting the Community

Elena Zgardan is the Organizer of TEDxChisinau and TEDxYouth@Chisinau, TEDx events in Moldova. This is her experience from Sunday, February 26th at TEDActive:

After an over 20 hour flight, I arrived 3 hours prior to the TEDx Workshop event at TEDActive 2012 taking place in Palm Springs, California.  When I arrived, I was afraid that I would not be able to stay awake for the workshop but the early breakfast with other TEDx organizers definitely changed the mood for the day.

After a delicious breakfast we headed to the Riviera, the place where the main event is taking place. It took only seconds to get surrounded by about 250 TEDx Organizers and that was the first time I felt the TEDx community so close!

Buses were ready to take us to a local Wild Life Park and start the workshop activity, but not before we registered and received a gorgeous bag full of carefully selected gifts!

We are all now at the place where the workshop took place. I must say TEDx Workshop was the most amazing thing that happened to me in a long time. I was amazed at the TEDx community and  how they get to bond with each other.  I was amazed by how a TEDx organizer can be a great speaker and to share so many useful experiences with the entire community! We  joined 11 great speeches provided by TEDx Organizers sharing their experiences and their ideas. Not less important and informative was the presentation and the Q&A session by the TED team. It became an interactive, informative and challenging part of the day.

After a generous coffee break we got to feel the generosity of strangers during the Brainstorm Sessions, where all the people from the group shared their experiences and learnings from their events. It was an hour of brainstorming sessions that felt like 10 minutes of chat with a really good old friend.

And to make the day even better we got on the busses with lunch bags in our hands and headed off to the nature walk at Coachella Valley. We went on for a memorable walk all the way to Palm Oasis  and back.  Then with a relaxed body and a mind full of ideas we were heading to the dinner and networking party at Sunnylands we continued on with the networking and meeting,  more great people!

On the way back to the hotel I thought about all the stuff we got to do today, and I think each one of them contributed so that it became a day to remember!

It was a day to remember because I loved it when absolutely strange people become your family. It’s the place where if you’ll put your hand on someone’s shoulder and say hi!, you’ll end up working on a collaboration project, or you’ll find yourself developing new ideas. Even when you decide to stay alone in a corner because of the jet lag, people will come to you and start offering their support and help. Just like the great organizers from TEDxRheinMain and TEDxKids@BC helped me sharing my experience with you.

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