TEDx at TEDActive Experiences #2: Finding support

Mend-Orshikh Amartaivan is the Organizer of TEDxUlaanbaatar in Mongolia. This is his experience from the TEDx Workshop on Sunday, February 26th at TEDActive.

My day of TEDx Workshop began taking beautiful photo of sunrise at Palm Springs. It was a very exciting morning - I made many new friends during breakfast, and ran into Becca, Lauren, David and Lara who advised and supported me a lot to organize TEDxUlaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Full of energy and experience, the TEDx Workshop taught me lots of small but critical techniques to use in the organization of next TEDx event. Savvy TEDx Organizers presented and generously shared their invaluable experiences and advices with others. I was really inspired by the presentations, especially I loved following highlights very much: Keep in touch with the speakers all the time from Carole Kitchell; Prepare valuable name badges for participants from Arthur Zards, and Explain return on investment to companies as return on invention and return on inspirationfrom TED’s Head of Partnerships Ronda Carnegie.

All the experience that I gained through clear and concise talks of TEDx Organizers, hiking in Coachella Valley and other socializing events at TEDx Workshop was a great gift for me. The most impressive three experiences that I felt during TEDx Workshop day are passion, ceaseless energy and full enthusiasm of TEDx Organizers. 

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