TEDx at TEDActive Experiences #5: Leap day!

Alli Magidsohn is the organizer of TEDxJaffa in Israel. This is her experience from Wednesday, February 29th at TEDActive.

Oh, you know, just another truly wonderful day at TEDActive…

At a party on one of the first nights I asked myself whether or not I should go to sleep, apparently out loud (huh?), because a gentleman nearby inquired, ‘FOMO?’

'FOMO?,' I asked him.

'Yeah, FOMO – fear of missing out…'

I told that there was no FOMO in this little brain because it seems like every experience that needs to happen finds its own way into creation, everywhere all the time, but most particularly, here at TEDActive.

Time and again, the principle has been proven: spontaneous connections while washing hands in the bathroom, impromptu collective ukulele sing-alongs (complete with Whitney Houston tribute), essential human firepit communion, fully inspired picnic partners – not to mention the dude on the flying carpet…

In short, it’s been a radically good time so far…and today, leap day, was no different. My personal highlights have included:

  • Meeting someone who communicated that he was the mixture of cerulean blue and naples yellow
  • Hearing one man’s fascinating career narrative among the world’s leading tech companies.
  • Zucchini pasta? Zucchini pasta!
  • Meeting a yoga/energy educator who turned me onto a new poet that I’m very excited about, and giggling + feeling divine awe from two poems Matthew was gracious enough to recite
  • A dozen, or so, jumps on the trampoline
  • Enjoying June Cohen’s vibrance and wicked fashion sense
  • Feeling a swell of emotion from Frank Warren’s talk
  • The imperative to ‘Take an active role in consciously creating memories’
  • Reggie Watts’ flowing freestyle remix gorgeousness
  • Drinkin’ some mighty fine whiskey and handing out flasks
  •  A super cool dude’s recommendation of the tofu tacos at the Alibi Room in Culver City, CA
  • Learning about ‘The Ministry of Awesome’ – a project that definitely lives up to its name
  • Having the opportunity to record a welcome/shout out for TEDxItaewon
  • Wondering why no one has made a gospel workout video yet
  • Meeting a gentleman whose social responsibility program has been to give away one tree for every 20 that he sold, and who, after being inspired by one of the sponsors, is rededicating his commitment and will now be giving away one tree for *each* new one sold!
  • Having the letters Y-E-S put on my forehead – just for a positive reminder, and smiles
  • Interacting, yet another day, with a bunch of  super lovely souls
  • You know, at my very humble first TEDxJaffa event, one of the most stunning parts of the whole experience was that a number people who had paid to be there wrote me messages after the event, calling it a privilege to have participated. While flattered, honestly, I didn’t really understand what they meant. Afterall, they had paid to be there. But now I get it - experiences like these go beyond the logic of commerce.

    So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank those who’ve made this experience happen – all of you fellow TEDActivators, of course, but even moreso, the organizers and their extended staff for creating such an exceptional opportunity for us all. It’s been an absolute privilege to take part in the creation of this open, engaging, utopic space of connectedness. May we all carry it back into our daily lives, and force our co-workers, family and friends to ask themselves, even weeks later, ‘Yo…what’s up with (insert your name here)’s super shiny eyes?’

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