Ideas spread in Antarctica: TEDxAntarcticPeninsula

In one of the most remote, unhospitable places on earth, ideas are spreading with TEDxAntarcticPeninsula.  The event — the second TEDx event ever held in Antarctica— took place March 6th. 70 people from 19 different countries gathered in Ushuaia, Argentina the southernmost city in the world, a week before the event in order to prepare for their trip.

Before leaving, attendees met famous Polar explorer and environmental advocate Robert Swan, whose Antarctic expeditions are designed to bring people together and inspire them to protect Antarctica’s fragile ecosystems. TEDxAntarcticPeninsula was a “solar event”, and was powered off of a wide array of solar chargers. Their goal was to have an event that ran on 100% renewable energy — even attendees brought their own solar lanterns. Having an event on the Antarctic Peninsula meant there would be unexpected challenges: It is a 500 mile (800 km.) trip from Argentina to the icy continent; the event could was always at risk to be cancelled due to a blizzard.

Nevertheless, TEDxAntarcticPeninsula was a memorable event in an inspiring, exciting location.  There was even a penguin registered to attend the event — aptly named TEDdy.

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