State of the X: TEDxTalks in February

TEDxTalks by the numbers: February

  • 701 new talks added to the TEDxTalks library
  • 3.1 million views of the TEDxTalks YouTube channel and the TEDxTalks website
  • 19 talks were featured on
  • 5.4 million views of those TEDxTalks featured on in February

TEDxTalks by the numbers: All Time

  • 13,378 TEDxTalks
  • 30 million views of the TEDxTalks on the YouTube channel and the TEDxTalks website
  • 143 talks featured on
  • 58.6 million views of the TEDxTalks on

The huge number of talks in our library can be overwhelming, but if you focus on just a few, you can uncover surprising connections. Here are two that were featured on in February:

New technologies raise urgent ethical questions about the conflicts between our immediate needs and our future. At TEDxCanberra, Stephen Coleman breaks down the realities of how law enforcement abuses non-lethal weapons and how these new tools are creating as many problems as they solve.

As the global demand for energy has grown and the technologies we use to extract it have become more complex, Garth Lenz has seen large swaths of his homeland razed to the ground. At TEDxVictoria he shows the damage that technology without ethics can create. 

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