Connecting Brazilian TEDx’es through TEDxChange

TEDxChange — themed “the Big Picture” — is asking communities all around the world to stop thinking small and start thinking big: How do you contribute to the world’s problems and how can you contribute to their solution?

Mauricio Curi — organizer of TEDxVilaMada — and the Brazilian TEDx community are directly answering that question: A network of 13 events throughout Brazil will jointly take part in the April 5th livestream of TEDxChange.


A few of the 13 events will have live speakers, who will be broadcast concurrently to the stage of the other events around the country. 

Since 2011, TEDxVilaMada has been using a platform they call UxChange to make sure that good ideas are turned into better actions. They started with a C02 compensation initiative that had events handing out test tubes of tree seedlings to each attendee, along with instructions on how to plant the trees. The progress of these seedlings is tracked on the UxChange platform.

To date, eight different events have taken part, and Mauricio Curi has high hopes for this year, noting, “We intend to run UxChange again at TEDxVilaMadáChange, our first 2012 event, in cooperation with other Brazilian TEDx organizers…the idea is to compensate C02 emissions nationwide.”

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