TEDxChange events around the world: TEDxBaghdadChange


Of the nearly 200 TEDxChange events happening around the world, perhaps none is in a more challenging locale than TEDxBaghdadChange.

Despite numerous security issues surrounding the event — and unreliable electricity and internet access — organizer Yahay Alabdeli has pushed forward with the event because, he says, “I believe we can make changes by empowering each other and learning from other countries’ experiences and developments.”

The event is also inviting 35 young people from the community to present their own ideas on stage for one minute — a testament to the organizer’s focus on using TEDx and TEDxChange as a way to invest in Iraq’s future. Youth are the ones “who can improve our community in Iraq,” says Yahay. 

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From Mongolia to Sudan, Canada to Argentina, nearly 200 TEDxChange events are happening in 66 different countries. Be a part of this global movement, find an event near you.

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