Three TEDxChange events to look out for

TEDxChange is happening on April 5th — nearly 200 events from around the world are taking part in the livestream from Berlin, to be shown on and at 5:30 PM CEST.

Here are three events to check out:

TEDxChisinauChange; Chisinau, Moldova. Featuring five local speakers who will focus on the theme: “Take the Challenge, Be the Change”. Learn more about this event

TEDxKhartoumChange; Khartoum, Sudan. Organizer Anwar Dafa-Alla has worked hard on the guest list for his event, looking carefully for “people who can openly listen and discuss the possibilities” of how to change the world. He adds that TEDxChange is “always a great chance to stay connected with the global network of phenomenal people.”

TEDxSowetoChange; Soweto, South Africa. Local speakers include Lee Swan, the first South African (and African) woman to reach the magnetic North Pole. The event will also be tackling major questions such as, “Why, as the developing world, should [African countries] continue to look to the West for our development needs?” Learn more about this event

Want to attend a TEDxChange event? There are TEDxChange events happening in 66 countries. Find one near you.

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