Nos Amanha: TEDxLuanda, the first TEDx event in Angola

TEDxLuanda is the first TEDx event in Angola — a country in southern Africa that was once a Portuguese colony, but gained independence in 1975. We spoke with organizer Januario Jose on the upcoming event (which happens on May 26th):

What led you to organize a TEDx event in Luanda?

We live in one of the most expensive countries in the world, where the economy is growing fast, however, still that does not reflect in our communities, still lot of basic work do be done, and things like education and health still not yet available to everyone. As a creative person, who is always looking for new things that can improve peoples lives, by empowering them and exposure them to the open world, I thought Luanda needed a TED experience. With that, I can inspire people to connect and engage with the rest of the world in way that can allow them to share their dreams, projects and ideas…

What has the help been from the Portuguese-speaking world? TEDx organizers in Portugal and Brazil, both who have very active communities?

The help has been little but useful: organizers from TEDxRio, TEDxO’Porto and TEDxVimaranes. Advice and support through social communities online, has been great. But we need more engagement and source sharing, and we are discussing some ways to create them together. 

How did you decide on the theme of the event Nos, Amanha (Which translates to We, Tomorrow)? 

Right now our society is a little bit vulnerable, the values are changing, people focus more on substance, and with that some cultural and social values as been left out. I want things to change, and by organizing the event TEDxLuanda, I am sure people will be inspired and motivate to change and with new way of thinking and doing things will emerge, for a better tomorrow, and that is the reason of the theme “We, Tomorrow”.

Who are some speakers you are most excited about?

I am excited about all of them, and I think all will bring a different vibe to the event in constructive way, but Yago de Qay and Deborah Cardoso Ribas (a 16-year-old writer) are making headlines.

What is your goal/ideal outcome for TEDxLuanda?

My goal is to open the minds of all Angolans, and inspire them with TEDxLuanda events every year until we are all connected to the world in the right manner, that open some doors to the global stage. I also want to incentivize communities in Angola to engage more and take action by using the resources available to them in order to build a more sustainable community.

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