But before we dived in and worked on the direction of TEDx going forward, we needed to figure out exactly what TEDx is and why it grew at the rate it did. There was never really one answer to this. I found this fascinating. TED had set out clear guidelines within which TEDx organizers must operate. But that’s all. They had really just set the parameters and then left the community to self-regulate and grow in any direction. You may not think this is of any significance. But imagine being the custodian of TED, potentially the most influential brand in the world and letting it reign free for high-impact over achievers around the globe to run with and drive in whatever direction they believed fit. But it is THIS openness and freedom that has resulted in the impact of TEDx, as each organizer can leverage the brand and attune their event to the relevance of their community. And from this, create true value which fuels the growth of TEDx as their communities and markets keep being inspired and wanting more.
From Justin Beswick, TEDxCapeTown organizer on his experience at TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar. Read the full post at his blog »>
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