At the Autodesk Cage Match, TEDx takes the crown

Last night at the Autodesk Cage Match at Ghillie Dhu — hosted by Tom Wujec in full Scottish kilt — four duos took to the stage, armed with Scottish tartans and boxing gloves, for a battle of wits — pitting idea vs. idea, to leave only one standing:

Photo: Ryan Lash

David Rowan, Editor of Wired UK vs. Jason Silva, TEDGlobal speaker

Don Tapscott, whose TEDGlobal talk is the second to go to vs. Eddie Obeng, TEDGlobal speaker

The co-founder of Sun Microsystems Bill Joy vs. TED Fellow Rachel Armstrong

…and TEDxBeaconStreet organizer John Werner representing TEDGlobal vs. Walter DeBrouwer of TEDxBrussels representing TED Long Beach:

Photo: Ryan Lash

TEDGlobal is whiskey, TED is wine coolers

TED has White Castle, TEDGlobal has Edinburgh Castle

Both TEDGlobal and TED have Bruno, but more people at TEDGlobal understand him

Then Rives (representing TEDActive, of course) joined the debate with the assertion that TEDActive should be the winner because,

The motto of TEDActive is ‘WWCAND’…’What Would Chris Anderson NOT Do?’…

Then, unannounced, TEDxDubai organizer Giorgio Ungania jumped to the stage countering all three with TEDx:

TEDx is the ultimate in ideas worth spreading, a superbrain made of thousands of neurons located all around battling together for the power of ideas. TEDx also solved one of the biggest mysteries in the history of mankind: how do you get thousands of super-talented individuals working for TED for free?

Host Tom Wujec took an audience vote — TEDx reigned supreme and Giorgio as its representative won a space on the Autodesk throne.

Photo: John Werner

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