TEDx comes to Iran: TEDxTehran 2013

“Historically, Iran has been bedrock of innovation, creative minds, great poets, philosophers and scientists,” writes the organizers of TEDxTehran. “Creativity and innovations include [the] world’s first super-highway the Silk Road, polo, [the] first Human Rights Charter, and [the] mystical poems of Jalal-ad Din Rumi.

“The uniquely Persian mantra [on life] is ‘good thoughts, good words and good deeds.’ For many in Iran, this very phrase is enough to make them proud of being Iranian.

“[But] what about present day Iran? With much…mixed press coverage about Iran, what can Iranians showcase; what ‘good thoughts, good words and good deeds’ are taking place in present day Tehran and Iran? Who are the deep thinkers and leaders, from all different fields, from the sciences to the arts to business, with creative and stimulating ideas worth spreading?

Much of these are questions [gone unasked]: unknown possibilities, untapped potential by today’s mixed media coverage of Iran.

“And so we [started] the first TEDx event in Iran, to be held in Tehran, with this theme to showcase amazing talent and ideas brewing in present day Iran, and how its glorious history of thoughts, words and deeds still manifest themselves within Iran.

TEDxTehran…provides an opportunity for Iranians to exchange ideas…within their ever growing metropolis capital of 15 million. To bring together great minds from outside Iran for networking, dialogue and synergy of new ideas. To provide a different and fresh perspective on global challenges and opportunities common to us all, irrespective of our geography: urban sprawl and pollution, access to progressive education and healthcare, sustainable energy, cutting edge technology and entrepreneurship.

The ‘goodness’ will happen on January 18, 2013 at venue to be disclosed in the near future. Please follow us on Twitter @TEDxTehran and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/TEDxTehran. To contact us please email info@tedxtehran.com.”

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