I was recently lucky enough to attend a TEDx Youth event held in Cape Town at the Two Oceans Aquarium. My wonderfully talented friend Harriet Stockwell was one of the many inspiring speakers talking about AIM - “Africa in Me”. In order to secure a ticket, attendees were asked to submit their own written explanation of their personal account of ‘Africa in Me’. I’ll post mine above.

Each member of the small audience received a beautiful TEDx bracelet and a Fairlady journal and pen. We were greeted by tea, coffee and an array of delicious muffins during the break, as well as tasty appetisers after the event.

It was organised by Grethe Mattheus and Bernelle Verster, in conjunction with Ogilvy. 

You can watch the video of all the different speakers at the TEDx Youth ‘AIM’ event here.

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