Happy :-) Day! TJ Dawe on online emotion

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the emoticon, check out this editor’s pick from July: speaker TJ Dawe’s fascinating talk on the information revolution, online comment wars, and “collective intelligence” at TEDxManitoba.

Although, we can’t say he’s a big fan of the :-)

"In theory, this technology is all good for us; it’s bringing us together. Communication channels are more open than they’ve ever been before. It’s easier to stay in touch; it’s easier to keep up with what people are doing; it’s easier to do research; it’s easier to get your ideas out there.

But how much online interaction is meaningful? How often does it expand our knowledge or, more importantly, how often does it expand our circle of care and our compassion?

…The reason I dislike [emoticons] so much is because they’re a shortcut. They’re a substitute for creative expression. If you need a little sideways happy face at the end of your sentence to let me know that you are kidding, why not just come up with a more creative combination of words to let me know that you’re kidding?”

For more of TJ’s thoughts on the Internet, YouTube comments, and sharing ideas, watch his talk above.

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