This September, TEDx organizers from across Spain and Andorra met in Madrid for their very first local all-night TEDx dinner and brainstorm. Gathered together in a 20th-century palace, these organizers, united in their dedication to making their communities places that are hospitable to new ideas, got acquainted with their neighbors and shared their hopes and dreams for the future of innovation in their communities.  

"We were a bunch of 30 people, coming from every angle of the country, sometimes from very remote places such as Andorra la Vella or Pla de la Calma—in the mountains of Montseny," said workshop organizer, TEDx Ambassador, and TEDxMadrid organizer, Antonella Broglia. "For many of us, it was the first time we had ever met, as only a small group had met previously, at TEDActive or at TEDxSummit, and the number of Spanish organizers has been growing very, very fast in the last 12 months (50+ events).”

The night focused on the idea of TEDx as a local and global community, recognizing that every TEDx event is a new resource for other TEDx events. The theme of the night was, Every TEDx event is the R&D lab of any other.

"We discussed the beauty of sharing knowledge," said Antonella, "and brainstormed new ticketing platforms for the whole community; new apps that allow attendees to stay in contact before, during, and after the event; A/V solutions; ways of selecting audience members, etc.

"Many other operational issues were informally discussed," she said, "but more importantly, we got to know each other a little better and created an atmosphere of trust and friendship between communities. Accompanied, of course, by a good Rioja, the best wine in the world.

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