6 meters of TEDxCopenhagen—in pictures!

At TEDxCopenhagen this September, organizers hatched a plan to have every attendee engage with the event in a way that was a little out of the ordinary—by drawing.

Upon sitting down, each audience member was greeted with three things: a pen, a notepad, and a visual agenda--part illustrated program to the day’s events and part key to engaging with the event in both pictures and words.

Four “moves” were built into the agenda—small sections of the paper guide marked with tasks designed for attendees to complete. These tasks included creating a headline and an illustration to answer the question, "What moves you?"; sharing an idea worth spreading in one of 10 categories; and compiling actions they’d like to start or stop doing after TEDxCopenhagen. 

After completing a task, attendees tore off the appropriate section and submitted it to graphic facilitators during breaks, who then added these responses to giant visualizations of the event.

Now that the event has ended, TEDx’ers and friends can download the results of the graphic facilitators’ 6 meters of illustration, including over 600 responses to the 4 “moves.”  See the visual agenda and some of their awesome work above!

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