Six striking TEDxCity2.0 posters to look out for this Saturday

October 13’s day of urban inspiration is not without its visual inspiration. As evidence, we’ve put together this list of six TEDxCity2.0 graphics not to be missed. Below, six amazing graphics celebrating cities across the globe:

First up, TEDxSantoDomingo in the Dominican Republic, whose City 2.0 poster certainly wins for cutest design: whoever knew urban architecture could be so adorable?

After the jump, 5 more favorites!

TEDxFactory798 in China brings a taste of the third dimension. Where’s our red and blue glasses?

León, Mexico’s TEDxCalzadaDeLosHéroes doubles as the world’s easiest game of "Where’s TEDx?" and we love it.

Peace, love, and happiness abound in the city of tomorrow in this delightful poster from Pakistan’s TEDxIslambad.

We love the focus on the global from Haiti’s TEDxPortauPrince's City 2.0 poster.

And—lastly—Californian artist collective Android Jones' spellbinding rendering of a future Golden Gate bridge for TEDxMission's City 2.0 event.

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