This Saturday…watch the future city unfold—LIVE!

TEDxCity2.0 Action Pitch Sessions webcasting across the world.

What are you doing this Saturday? Because it should include watching a TEDxCity2.0 Action Pitch Session! On October 13, 15 TEDx events will be inviting their brightest and best to pitch their ideas for creating the city of the future.

At these events, five local game-changers, chosen for their innovative ideas in the subjects of art, play, public space, education, safety, housing, food, health and transportation, will pitch their ideas for the city of the future in which more than ten billion people must live happily, healthfully, and sustainably.

Do you wonder how we’re going to build the future? Do you dream about new forms of fuel? Are you anxious to see cars that run themselves? Streetlights powered by leftovers? Then tune in!

Amazing ideas are sure to come out of these sessions, and to make sure they end up as more than just an idea in a theater or on a stage, event attendees will volunteer support to one or more of these projects, or the crowd will vote to have the winning project adopted and realized by the local community.

Below, five awesome Action Pitch Sessions to watch online:

Stream: (in Polish)

Stream: (in English)

: (in English)

Stream: (in English)

: (in English)

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