TEDx organizer question: What does City 2.0 mean to you and your community?

  • TEDxCapeTown: To me, TEDxCity2.0 means exploring radical new ways of accommodating the majority of humanity in a manner that will allow prosperity, in human terms, to flourish in the face of resource scarcity and dramatic climate change.
  • Our failed institutions are unable to assist us in this challenge - it requires new thinking. And my hope for TEDxCity2.0 is that it starts this new conversation.
  • That it involves throwing away old, redundant, status quo approaches to growth, and replacing them with new models. That it embraces radical, dangerous thinking and is prepared to step on toes. That it delving to the roots of our urban crisis and engages directly with the scary implications that we find there – implications for profit, for value, for relevance.
  • For me, it means a new way of working and delivering services – simply rebranding is not sufficient. It is not about selling more redundant technology to reinforce the failed paradigms of 200 years of industrialisation, but rather to push through, above and beyond the status quo.
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