Here at TEDx we’re super excited for next month’s TEDxYouthDay!

Not only are 100 events taking place all over the world over the weekend of November 17-18—including in Tokyo, New York, Berlin, Nairobi, Cairo, and Amsterdam—but many of them are being organized by youth, for youth. How awesome is that?

This year, the TEDxYouthDay theme is “Dream Big… Then Do It!” and though we already know that so many young people across the planet are doing amazing things to make the world a better place, we can’t wait to hear the great ideas that will come out of these events.

So, leading up to TEDxYouthDay weekend, we have a challenge. We’re asking people to take pictures of themselves completing the sentence, "A dream of mine that I commit to making real is…"

If you take a picture of yourself holding the TEDxYouthDay sign and telling the world what your big dream is for tomorrow, you could wind up on the official TEDxYouthDay site, or on this blog!

How to do it: to make things easy, we’ve made a sign. Here’s a small preview:

What you do: Download the real sign here,
print it out, write your answer, and take a picture of yourself holding your sign.

Then what? Upload your picture to Flickr, Instagram, or post it on your Tumblr. Tag your picture with #TEDxYouthDay, so we can find it, and if it’s awesome, we’ll add it to our posts.

Are you dreaming big? Let us know!

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