Snapshots of the City 2.0: TEDxKyiv

(Top photo from Instagram user alexneskin; Bottom photos from L to R: avasavitsky; kocherganchyk; romanguro; valo_yeah)

From organizer Olga Romanyuk:

The future for the city depends on how connected we are. To emphasize the importance of urban connections, the TEDxKyiv team held TEDxCity2.0 event at the art gallery just under the great city connector - one of the river bridges. Though the gallery presented the challenge of not being a perfectly-equipped conference room and having different light than required for slides, cameras, and video production, which are always top quality by TEDx events, we knew that not all ideas are born in a perfect greenhouse.

The nurturing support of partners taking care of some production as well as speakers becoming a real team and encouraging each other at rehearsals, and of course the participants’ beliefs and expectations made the event happen. The idea of the City 2.0 resonated with ideas from our speakers, many of whom spoke about  the connections that will move the city forward: dialogues between urban artists, entrepreneurs, bike owners, social innovators, architects, the IT community.
The celebratory spirit was heightened by the event’s coincidence with the third anniversary of TEDxKyiv. And we look forward to more to come - for the city and the TEDx community!
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