TEDx playlist: 5 talks on weather extremes and how we recover after

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it is hard not to think about the astounding and devastating power of nature. In these five talks, extreme weather experts and disaster relief specialists tell us how to predict, deal with, and recover from the world’s extreme weather events.

9 biggest weather disasters in the next 30 years: Jeff Masters at TEDxBermuda

In a talk given earlier this year, meteorologist Jeff Masters presented the nine most devastating natural disasters likely to happen in the United States in the next thirty years. Number six just happened. 

Imagine the worst: Don Whittemore at TEDxBoulder

Firefighter Don Whittemore asks you to prepare for the worst even when the idea seems too troubling to bear. In this talk, he explains how you can develop a mindset for disaster preparedness without becoming a pessimist.

Shifting aid from analog to digital: Paul Conneally at TEDxRC2 

Driven by Twitter, text messages, and global social networks, the response to the tragic earthquake in Haiti in 2010 was dominated by a new type of recovery effort. Paul Conneally sheds light on how mobile devices and social media have already changed relief efforts and how we can better utilize them going forward.

Disaster relief that can save veterans: Jake Wood at TEDxSanDiego

Jake Wood is director of Team Rubicon, an organization that mobilizes US veterans into disaster-stricken areas. He explains why veterans are expertly suited to the task and precisely how this undertaking not only provides veterans with valuable and challenging work, but also allows them to reintegrate into civilian communities.

How to step up in the face of disaster: Caitria and Morgan O’Neill at TEDxBoston

In a talk featured earlier this year on TED.com, sisters Caitria and Morgan O’Neill break down the steps to prepare your community for potential weather disasters.

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