TEDxYouth@Brabantlaan: The Netherlands’ New Youth on the Block

"Organizing TEDxYouth@Brabantlaan feels like a big adventure,” said organizer Marielle Hornstra about her upcoming TEDxYouthDay event. “There is so much energy in our team! It is exciting to be part of it.”

"We decided to host a TEDxYouthDay event because we wanted to create a platform where kids can share ideas and inspire each other," she said. The team hopes that the event will springboard youth-led projects in the community, which will eventually lead to TEDxYouth@Brabantlaan serving as a platform for local youth to share these projects and new ideas with their younger neighbors.

"We also think there is a lot we can learn from these kids," Marielle said. "We are hoping to create something that will last for years," she said.

"Some of our team members are young (between age 17 and 23)," said Marielle, "and two of them have spoken at other TEDx events in The Netherlands (Pelle Brakkee, TEDxYouth@Amsterdam and Marco van Beers, TEDxMaastricht). They experienced what TED brings to your life and are more than willing to share this with peers."

Other team members have attended TEDx events across The Netherlands, and like their colleagues at TEDxAmsterdam, TEDxBrainport, TEDxMaastricht, TEDxEde, and others, TEDxYouth@Brabantlaan is sure to add another successful TEDx community to the country and to the globe.

To find out more about TEDxYouthDay 2012, visit the official YouthDay website here: http://tedxyouthday.ted.com 

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