TEDx Playlist: 9 incredible musical performances by kids

TEDxAmericanRiviera, Photo by Carolyn Newstrom

You don’t have to be a grown-up to wow an audience — and these very musical kids prove it. From a 12-year-old guitar player to the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra’s Academy of Peace Through Art, we’re sure you’ll enjoy these 9 musical performances fueled by raw talent and hard work.

TEDxYouth@Madrid - Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Trio

Take your eyes off the screen for a moment and you’ll be sure to believe you’re listening to a vocalist with decades of musical experience. But Andrea Motis is only 15 years old. With her stunning voice and brass talent, she stuns the TEDxMadrid crowd with the American standards, “Our Love Is Here to Stay,” “Slightly Out of Tune,” and “Please Don’t Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”

When it Comes to Music, it’s All About the Feel : Ray Goren at TEDxOrangeCoast

Ray Goren started playing guitar four years ago. He was 8. Now, he spends his time beguiling music critics and amazing crowds nationwide. At TEDxOrangeCoast, he showcases his remarkable talent.

TEDxRedmond - Simone Porter - Malaguena and Zapateado by Sarasate; Definition of the Prodigy

Simone Porter is a bona fide prodigy violinist. But it’s probably practice that brought her to Carnegie Hall. At TEDxRedmond, she shows her skill, with both elegance and pizazz.

TEDxYouth@Victoria - The Archers - The Sun Will Rise

Indie-folk musicians Ethan Caleb, Sandy Hughes, Liam McLaren, Liam Moes and Robert McMullen are The Archers — recipients of British Columbia’s “Best Teen Band” award in 2011. At TEDxYouth@Victoria, they perform a song off their debut EP, Much More Than Merry Men.

Tshotsholoza | Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around: Boston Children’s Chorus at TEDxBoston

The Boston Children’s Chorus brings together kids from different age groups and backgrounds. At TEDxBoston, they perform “Tshotsholoza” and “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around,” freedom songs from South Africa and the U.S. civil rights movement. Their choral director, Anthony Trecek-King also gave a stirring talk about self-doubt and the lessons he learned while becoming a conductor.

TEDxBaghdad 2011 - Karim Wasfi (Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra)

Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra’s Academy of Peace Through Art has became a home for aspiring musicians throughout the country. At TEDxBaghdad, the youth orchestra performs both classical European music as well as original compositions using Iraqi instrumentation.

Fiddle Performance: Andrew Vogts at TEDxWilmington

Sixth grader Andrew Vogts is a nationally-recognized fiddle champion. With a debonair look and a folksy tone, he impresses the TEDxWilmington crowed with three songs.

TEDxKids@BC - Haley Ofeimu

Singing an acoustic version of Kanye West’s “Heartless,” 18-year-old Haley Ofeimu showcases her mature and understated voice at TEDxKids@BC.

TEDxYouth@Amman - Amanda Hamati - Beautiful

It’s hard to sing like Christina Aguilera, especially when you’re only 16. Amanda Hamati makes it look easy at TEDxYouth@Amman.

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