TEDxYouth@Toronto was an expertly organized event that truly embodied the TED ideals, and allowed all those viewing to truly understand that they have the ability to idealize, act, and make positive change for the better in our world.

The day, full of inspiration and life-changing words, I believe can be summed up in one statement made by Natalie Panek, that to change the world youth must start thinking, speaking, and acting like leaders.

TEDxYouth@Toronto is part of the wider TEDxYouthDay movement, which aims to engage young people in these exact ideas, and it could not have been a bigger success. With great ideas, great strength, and great perseverance  the youth of today will change their world for the better, and at events like this, is where it all begins.

—Report from Jocelyn DeMone, TEDxYouthDay Reporter.

(Photos: TEDxYouth@Toronto, Jocelyn DeMone, Instagram users karenmode and sabe_85)

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