Dispatches from a TEDxYouthDay reporter: Celeste Pereyra Torres on TEDxYouthDay 2012

This post comes from TEDxYouthDay reporter Celeste Pereyra Torres, who diligently watched several events during TEDxYouthDay 2012. You can find a version of this post written in Spanish on her blog.


Everybody says that young people don’t care about anything, that they don’t know what they want, that they spend the whole day on Facebook because they only live in the present, that they have no idea about the future.  Yet that complaint has lost its footing, because despite assumptions, the youth are doing big thing — even organizing TEDx events.

During November 17th and 18th, TEDxYouthDay took place in more than 40 countries all over the world. TEDxYouthDay is a series of events specially-designed to inspire curiosity, spread youth initiatives, and — particularly — to promote young leaders to embrace the creation of new projects. That’s why it’s not surprising that a lot of the organizing teams were composed by young people and that many events were held in schools.


Dream Big… Then Do It!” was the battle cry for every TEDxYouthDay event this year. The slogan is not difficult to understand, who doesn’t like to dream and make those dreams come true? But the truth is that you can’t dream alone or be indifferent to how reality impacts the realization of our dreams. TEDxYouthDay helped show me this.

Some months ago I became a TEDxYouthDay Reporter, and regardless of my geographic location, committed myself to cover events via Twitter by following the streaming or translating the content of official event Twitter accounts. I was lucky to watch @TEDxYouthHewit and @TEDxYTheschool, both in NYC, which had similar content and different realities at the same time. However, to me, the stars of the weekend were @TEDxYouthSD (San Diego) and @TEDxYouthTokyo.

Well-known figures like Kate Burock, founder of @Forbes and @othersidegroup, CMO of @GITweet, musicians and YouTubers like the famous Alex Day @thatalexday, and businesses like LEGO all spoke at different TEDxYouthDay events to communicate positive messages and encourage the youth to take action.

Topics such as urban pollution, the crisis of authority figures, the motivation of enterprising young people, the lack of safety in big cities, life and nature, digital education, among others, were some of the key topics of conversation across the globe. The series of events gave young people, and others not so young, from all over the world, the chance to find a place and a function in this global movement.

The TEDxYouthDay phenomenon confirms that there are young people engaged with their communities and with the world all the time. If someone says that the youth is lost, it’s because he is ignoring the signs, hasn’t been willing to listen. We are a generation that speaks its mind. We are not scared of using new means or creating our own to find a way, a voice out to the world. For us, life has become a book that can be written in real time by more than one writer at the same time, and TEDxYouthDay proves it.

Written by Celeste Pereyra Torres

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