10 great images from TEDxWomen events around the world

For the past 2 days, over 150 TEDxWomen events have convened in 53 countries to augment the conversation on women occupying “The Space Between” in their work, personal life, faith, social status, the media and in their education.

Here are just a few photos from some of these events, find more on Flickr and Instagram with the #TEDxWomen hashtag. And on the TEDx Facebook page soon »

At TEDxShanghaiWomen, attendees enjoyed local speakers as well as the first session of TEDxWomen.

Watching the TEDxWomen stream at the Google Fibre Lounge in Kansas City at TEDxKC.

A performance from TEDxAmsterdamWomen.

Conversations shared at TEDxLacadorWomen in Brazil.

Onstage at TEDxHobokenWomen in New Jersey, USA.

Attendees of TEDxPUCGoiasWomen watch the TEDxWomen livestream, interpreted in Portuguese.

Local improv group Thumbs Up! had the TEDxElliotBayWomen crowd roaring with laughter.

Women at TEDxCentennialParkWomen doing some opening-event Zumba.

An intimate gathering in Amman, Jordan is TEDxRasAlEinSquareWomen. Attendees ate cupcakes and smoked shisha.

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