A TEDxYouthDay reporter goes behind the scenes at TEDxYouth@Montreal

Sixth grader and TEDxYouthDay reporter Natasha Yang was a superstar at TEDxYouth@Montreal — going behind the scenes to get the backstory on six of the event’s illustrious speakers.

Below, Natasha’s findings — including a report in French! — accompanied by photos from Amalia Liogas.

David Ragsdale by Amalia Liogas

David Ragsdale is a neuroscientist. At the TEDxYouth@Montreal conference, he talked about the brain and how it works. As a student, he was interested in psychology and the course he found the most interesting was the psychology course about the brain.

He is currently a professor at McGill and he does research about the brain. One of the most interesting pieces of information he learned was about how drugs can give people epilepsy. When you have epilepsy, the channels in someone’s brain are not normal. They normally look like doughnuts but when somebody has epilepsy, the holes of the channels are plugged.

When one of the organizers at TEDxYouth@Montreal asked David to speak, he was really flattered and excited to give the talk. He really enjoys giving talks.

Nadia Sraieb-Koepp by Amalia Liogas

Nadia Sraieb-Koepp est une dame qui vient de Tunisie. Elle a parlé de son pays et comment les gens ont allé contre le gouvernement. Elle a vécu cette expérience affreuse.

Quand les organisateurs de TED ont demandé à Nadia de parler, ça à lui a fait beaucoup de plaisir. La première fois qu’elle a parlé de Tunisie était à une conférence le janvier 2011.

Andréanne Morin by Amalia Liogas

Andréanne Morin is an Olympic rower. She won a silver medal in women’s eight rowing competition. She first started rowing when she was sixteen years old. She was really athletic but when she broke her leg, she couldn’t do very many sports so her father suggested rowing.

Andréanne loved rowing because rowing pushes her to her limits and she loves her teammates. Her favorite aspect of rowing is feeling the speed of the boat. She did her first Olympics when she was twenty-three years old and in her third Olympics, she won her silver medal.

Andréanne was honoured to share her journey at the TEDxYouth@Montreal. conference. She wanted to express and share her passion with others.

Peter Szilagyi by Amalia Liogas

Peter Szilagyi talked about robotics and taking control of our own learning. Sixteen years ago, Peter learned about robotics as a student. His friends were in the robotics club so he joined but what encouraged him to stay was his teachers. Later on, he ran one of the robotics competitions that he participated in when he was younger. He is interested in robotics because he discovered a powerful tool that people could use in their lives and that tool is to choose what you want to learn. He thinks that other children would really enjoy robotics.

Peter was honored to be talking at the TEDxYouth@Montreal conference. He felt really awesome when he was asked to speak. He enjoys letting people know about his passion.

Susan Ibach by Amalia Liogas

Susan Ibach is a technology expert who talked about apps and how to make them. She got interested in apps when she discovered a competition about making apps. She was amazed when she saw what people could do by making apps. One of the apps was a medical journal. It was made by a nineteen year old. One of Susan’s favourite app ideas is an app for knowing what food banks need so people can get them what they need. Another idea for an app that she has is an app for keeping track of who borrowed what so a person doesn’t forget who he/she lent the object to.

Susan was thrilled and very excited to speak at TEDxYouth@Montreal. In her opinion, children are more interested and open minded to ideas than adults. Susan was very excited to speak in front of the audience. She really enjoys sharing her ideas.

Sasha DiGiulian by Amalia Liogas

Sasha DiGiulian is the best female rock climber in the world. She talked about life without limits and making goals. She started climbing in 1999, when she was seven years old at her brother’s birthday party. She loved the feeling of going higher and higher and being in control of her movements. She talked about life without limits because of personal experience. She trained really hard and surprised herself.

Sasha felt complimented and honored to talk at TEDxYouth@Montreal. She was nervous but excited to talk about her story.

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