When we began promoting the idea last spring to our students that they could give their own TEDx talks at our TEDxYouthDay event, we worried that no students would be interested or willing enough to give it a shot. But we were committed to filling our event with only youth speakers, so when we received seven virtual auditions from two middle and five upper school students this November, we were elated.

The ideas of those seven students, coupled with the three TED/TEDx videos we chose to screen at our event, built a powerful “Dream Big…Then Do It” program. The students really are the heart of our story. They worked on their own to craft their ideas and then trusted their mentors to help them shape their dreams into powerful talks. The honesty, compassion, creativity, and bravery these students spoke about, left our 90-member audience inspired — enough to make this first foray into TEDx a success.

—From Melissa Scott, organizer of TEDxYouth@FHS at Flint Hill School in Oakton, Virginia — part of TEDxYouthDay this November.

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