4 talks on how the world could end today (but probably won’t)

Well, it’s December 21st, 2012 in EST time zones and, if you’re reading this, the world has not ended.

Or, maybe it has and you found the Wi-Fi password to the afterlife.

Either way, you now have plenty of time on your hands. Spend some it watching these four doomsday talks — some humorous, some horrifying:

6 reasons why you want to believe doomsday is coming: Tommy Calloway

Doomsday prophecies have a terrible track record. So why does anyone believe in them? Comedian Tommy Calloway has six answers.

The end is nigh: John Hodgman at TEDxMidwest

In this unusual talk, “deranged millionaire” John Hodgeman shares his plan for the coming apocalypse and implores you to adopt his survival strategies, including stockpiling mayonnaise and moving into a houseboat that can float on rivers of blood.

9 biggest weather disasters in the next 30 Years: Jeff Masters at TEDxBermuda

In a talk given earlier this year, meteorologist Jeff Masters presented the nine most devastating natural disasters likely to happen in the United States in the next thirty years. Number six happened in October. 

How to defend Earth from asteroids: Phil Plait at TEDxBoulder

65 million years ago, an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs. Can we save ourselves from the same fate? Astronomer Phil Plait discusses the science of asteroids and what we can do to prevent a catastrophic impact.

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