TEDxYouthDay Youth Reporter Katarzyna J. Biniek, on the live webcast of TEDxYouth@ISB in Belgrade:

Two days of exciting and passionate talks and discussions centered around youth across the globe – it can only happen on TEDxYouthDay.

This year, for the first time in my life, I actively participated in TEDxYouthDay as a youth reporter. It was an amazing adventure that enriched me as a person and motivated me to dare for more. I am glad that through my live reporting I could spread all of these great ideas and examples that TEDxYouthDay speakers shared with us.

For my TEDxYouthDay experience, I chose to follow TEDxYouth@ISB in Serbia, which was streamed live on the Internet. During the day, I listened to seven exciting talks addressing the central theme of the event: “From imagination to creation.”  I learned that it is not always easy to fulfill your dreams, but it is definitely worth it to try, even though those around you might say that your dreams are  impossible or crazy.

I cannot wait for next year’s TEDxYouthDay, because like many other young people I need inspiration and the push to be braver and to think big without restrictions.

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    Reach for your dreams; they are worth the work you’ll put into achieving them. And so are you!
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    And this is what TEDx all about. :)
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