Aw Crikey, Mates! It’s Australia Day!

Australia Day is this Saturday. It’s already Saturday in Australia. It’s Australia Day!

Help us commemorate the First Fleet’s 1788 arrival at Sydney Cove and celebrate the land down under with these 12 talks from around the nation.

             Yawning koala bear

The Bionic Eye prototype: Rob Shepherd at TEDxUWollongong

How close are we to building an artificial retina that could connect directly into a person’s blind eye and restore at least partial vision? Closer than you may think. Rob Shepherd from the Australian Bionics Institute shares his team’s remarkable progress toward constructing a bionic eye with conductive diamond electrodes.

Angela Moles | Ecologist | TEDxSydney 2012

The invaders have gone native: Angela Moles at TEDxSydney

We tend to view invasive plant species as pests in need of eradication, but Angela Moles suggests we should reconsider our hostile relationship with unwelcome weeds. In this surprising talk, she shows how recent evolutionary advances challenge our notion of “native” and “alien” flora.

How to save forests while feeding people: Nigel Turvey at TEDxDarwin

Much of the deforestation of the world’s forests is the result of farmers growing food to feed their families. In this talk, Nigel Turvey outlines his plan to help farmers while slowing the tide of destruction.

Why Protect The West Kimberley? Carmen Lawrence at TEDxPerth

Australia’s West Kimberley region is home to unique flora and fauna, beautiful geography, a deep fossil record and a rich cultural heritage. Invoking passion, patriotism and gratitude, Carmen Lawrence takes us on a tour of the West Kimberley’s mosts remarkable features and describes the threats facing their preservation.

Brian Schmidt

There is certainty in uncertainty: Brian Schmidt at TEDxCanberra

Nobel laureate physicist Brian Schmidt explores the science of uncertainty and demonstrates the effects of chaos on politics, climate change science and our everyday lives.

Pay as you feel: Shanaka Fernando at TEDxMelbourne

When Shanaka Fernando immigrated to Australia from Sri Lanka, he found discovered that he had some surprising — and in retrospect, funny — cultural disfluencies. But he knew one thing was universal: a good meal. In this talk, he shares how and why he founded a pay-as-you-feel vegetarian restaurant. 

Why things hurt: Lorimer Moseley at TEDxAdelaide

People experience pleasure differently, but what about pain? Neuroscientist Lorimer Moseley explains why people react different to the same painful experiences and calls our into question very notions of what pain is.

Understanding Evolution: Michael Gillings at TEDxMacquarieUniversity

Doubters of the theory of evolution often substantiate their beliefs by drawing analogies to complex systems — like clocks and watches — that could never exist without an intelligent designer. But as Professor of Biological Sciences Michael Gillings points out, those systems simply aren’t comparable. In this talk, he draws his own series of analogies between evolution and the history of language development to debunk some common Creationist arguments.

Dangerous ideas: Will Dayble at TEDxUniMelb

Citing punk rock, Pirate Bay and crossbows, Will Dayble explains how dangerous — and important — ideas come to about.

Donkey Training to Protect Sheep from Predators: Lauren McLeish at TEDxStHilda’sSchool

Lauren McLeish’s sheep farm had a dingo problem. The solution? Donkeys.

The battle between good & evil bacteria: John Tagg at TEDxDunedin

In this fun talk, microbiologist John Tagg uses clever props and illustrative anecdotes to shed light on our bodies’ complex, love-hate relationship with the microbial world

TEDxNewy 2011 Ukestra

Ukastle Ukestra: Australia’s leading ukulele orchestra at TEDxNewy

Australia’s leading ukulele orchestra. ‘nuff said. 

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