TEDx Talks Roundup: 4 fights for empowerment

In case you missed it, this week on the TEDx blog, we featured four modern accounts of liberation that invite everyone to fight for their own empowerment.

Born into a prison camp: Blaine Harden

Shin Dong-Hyuk, raised by guards to be an informant in a North Korean prison camp, escaped and found freedom in the outside world, but soon realized living with freedom wasn’t easy. At TEDxRainier, Blaine Harden shares Shin’s story to explain the power of totalitarian governments on citizens’ mental health, and raise awareness that — someday — integrating millions of North Koreans into free society might not be as easy as we think. (Filmed at TEDxRainier)

The first school for Massi girls: Kakenya Ntaiya

Growing up in the Maasai culture, Karkenya Ntaiya faced genital mutilation, forced marriage and her education might have ended at age 13. Against all odds, Nyaiya convinced the men of her village to allow her to attend college, and in this talk at TEDxMidAtlantic, she explains how she returned to her village to start the very first all-girls school. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic)

The three sides of corruption: Afra Raymond

From pork-laden congressional bills to revolving-door lobbying jobs — corruption is an all-too familiar aspect of political behavior. Afra Raymond insists on eliminating it. In this passionate talk from TEDxPortofSpain, he lays bare the rampant corruption in his nation of Trinidad and Tobago and imparts important lessons for every concerned global citizen. (Filmed at TEDxPortofSpain)

Let’s find the strength to change our slums: Boniface Mwangi

While working as a photographer for a Kenyan news service, Boniface Mwangi bore witness to some of the most horrible atrocities in the country’s recent history. Overcoming thoughts of suicide and self-doubt, Mwangi decided to use photography to inspire change within Kenya’s toxic political structure. (Filmed at TEDxKibera)

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