In August 2010, I and a few friends and colleagues attended a TEDx event in the Netherlands.

As we left, a question bubbled up in us—a question we couldn’t ignore. Why is there no TEDx in Delft?

Delft is a place of creators and creations, of Vermeer and Van Leeuwenhoek, of Senz umbrellas and Plakkies flipflops, of quantum mechanics and satellite experts. Delft has a top ranking University of Technology, a city centre that is a treasure of cultural heritage. Delft has Delft blue pottery, royalty, design. Delft knows how to win solar power races (or almost). Delft is all about ideas worth spreading. Delft is all about creating history.

None of us could come up with a good answer. “Because it takes time and effort,” was one attempt; “because there are other TEDx events already” was another.

So we decided to bring TEDx to Delft.

We’re glad we did.

—Rob Speekenbrink, organizer of TEDxDelft in the Netherlands, pictured above. Read more about the event at the TEDxDelft website:

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