Not going to TED2013? No problem. TEDxLive events have you covered.

imageA past TEDxSeochoLive event in South Korea

Want to experience the excitement, vitality and ideas worth spreading from TED2013 with fellow TED and TEDx fans, but don’t have a badge lined up? No worries.

Next week TEDsters and TEDx’ers from around the world are gathering at 200 different TEDxLive events (in places like Cairo, Gothenburg, Kyiv, Santo Domingo, and Reno) to watch live webcasts of sessions from this year’s conference in Long Beach, and you can join them! 

imageTEDxKrakowLive in Poland

Some events will have live speakers of their own, to celebrate “The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered,” of their towns and communities, and others will simply provide the space and the live brain food for discussion, deliberation, new ideas and new connections.

To find an event near you, or just see what’s happening worldwide, check out all the TEDxLive events here.

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