Visualizing the TEDx idea network


Photo: Kris Krug

Data and analytics company Quid is at the TEDx Action Lab space at TED and TEDActive this year, exploring the TEDx ecosystem through data pulled from 25% of the over 25,000 TEDx Talks, showing how ideas around the globe are connected.

Some interesting facts that emerged:

  • Women aged 24-35 love entrepreneurial talks
  • Men 30+ watch more health talks, young men watch more gaming and social internet talks
  • Cameron Russel’s TEDxMidAtlantic talk is popular with young teen girls 
  • Women watch talks with higher “betweeness centrality” (talks that are more multi-disciplinary), men watch talks with less
Learn more about the Quid and TEDx collaboration (and see the video being shown at TED and TEDActive) in this Mashable article.
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