You can print that?! 5 TEDx Talks on the wonders of 3D printing

It’s not hard to realize that 3D printing is a big deal. Articles about the technology pop up every day, telling stories of scientists printing human ears; pens that write in three dimensions; and NASA robots that, once launched, could create entire 3D-printed bases on the moon. It’s hard not to want to learn more.

At TEDx we have you covered. Behold — 5 great TEDx Talks on the amazing new possibilities created by our favorite new technology — 3D printing:

3D printing for everyone: Ben Wynn at TEDxYouth@SanDiego
At TEDxYouth@SanDiego, research scientist Ben Wynn breaks down the mystery of modern 3D printing and explains just why this new technology is so exciting — and not just for the experts. From a means to recycle old soda bottles to a way to replace parts that are no longer manufactured, Wyatt tells us why 3D printing is an innovation worth spreading.

Why I have a 3D printer: David F. Flanders at TEDxHamburg
David F. Flanders is a 3D printing guru and the host of PIF3D, a collective dedicated to hosting “build parties,” during which 3D printing experts help curious outsiders build personal 3D printers. In this talk from TEDxHamburg, he discusses the development of the technology and the implications of its mass use, including 3D printers’ role in recovery relief, architecture, and the office supply closet.

3D printing in nano: Jan Torgersen at TEDxVienna
Jan Torgersen developed the nanoprinter — a 3D printer that can print sculptures 40 micron smaller than a human hair and models of racecars small enough to park on a blood cell. In this talk from TEDxVienna, he introduces us to this technology and discusses applications in the real world.

Printing with sand: Markus Kayser at TEDxGhent
How to create art in the desert? Using the sun instead of a laser and sand instead of resins, designer Markus Kayser’s solar-powered 3D printer allows him to transform ordinary sand into beautiful objects.

A school for makers: Paulo Blikstein at TEDxManhattanBeach
Paulo Blikstein thinks we learn best when we do. Through his work with the Stanford University Transformative Learning Technologies Lab, he’s made it a point to turn school classrooms into spaces for creation rather than memorization. In this talk from TEDxManhattanBeach, Blikstein explains how he uses 3D printers, robotics, and computer modeling to put learning into the hands of the student.

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