Chaos, squeaky toys, and deranged millionaires: 5 TEDx Talks to get you laughing

You might think that the world of TEDx is full of only serious, hard-hitting, insightful ideas — each with the potential to cause earth-shattering change. But every once in a while, a talk comes along that lightens the mood and sends a few chuckles though the cubicles.

Some are funny, some are silly, and some are just plain weird, but all are guaranteed to entertain. Today, five of the funniest TEDx Talks we could find:

Lessons from the super rich: John Hodgman at TEDxMidwest
The “PC” in Apple’s famous ad campaign, John Hodgman is a TEDx favorite. The self-described “deranged millionaire” shares a few personal stories at TEDxMidwest that are both uproariously funny and surprisingly touching.

Squeaky toy performance: Greg Sheehan at TEDxSydney
Yes, this is pretty much what it seems. At TEDxSydney, musician Greg Sheehan presents a hilarious musical performance comprised completely of squeaks and squawks from a collection of children’s toys.

Being silly: Sam Simmons at TEDxSydney
Sam Simmons turns the whole idea of seriousness on its head in one of the wackiest and most irreverent performances you will ever see on the TEDx stage. Quit worrying and get silly!

Organizational dynamics embrace chaos: Professor Kay Ottik at TEDxMongKok

At TEDxMongKok, Professor Kay Ottik explores the ways that our organizations might benefit from a little chaos. Keep watching — her conclusions just might take you by surprise.

Grand Bard of Exeter: Jackie Juno at TEDxExeter
In a must-watch TEDx performance, “free-range organic poet” Jackie Juno delights with her insightful, timely and funny poetry.

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