Three reasons to watch TEDxChange tomorrow

imageMelinda Gates speaks at TEDxChange 2012

TEDxChange, happening this Wednesday, April 3, is a global conversation on some of the most pressing and intractable health and equity issues in our world today — like access to clean water, to schools, to medicine, to technology and to information. Overall, the event will deliver inspiration to those who have the courage to believe that change is possible.

The event, hosted by Melinda Gates, will begin at 9 am (PDT) at the Gates Foundation Campus in Seattle, Washington. The 90 minute program will stream live online at and

Why should you be one of the many people watching TEDxChange live?

The theme: Positive Disruption. We all want our world to be a better place to live in. But most of us know that sometimes that’s easier said than done. Sometimes, it takes a shake-up to our assumptions, our traditions, our schedules, our values and our communities to get us to spring to action and make real change happen. This is where TEDxChange comes in. It’s that (positive) disruption to your regularly-scheduled program. RSVP to watch »

You won’t be alone. More than 200 TEDxChange events will be bring together folks around the world in their schools, homes and businesses as they watch the TEDxChange livestream and discuss the ideas they hear in it. Find an event near you »

The speakers.  Melinda Gates has traveled the world seeking out great speakers with bold ideas for change. Here is the speaker lineup:

  • Julie Dixon, director of Georgetown University’s Center for Social Impact Communication
  • Spoken-word poet David Fasanya
  • Halimatu Hima, Niger’s first Youth Parliament president
  • M. Cathleen Kaveny, a professor of law and of theology at the University of Notre Dame
  • Salim Shekh and Sikha Patra, 15-year-olds working to eradicate polio from their communities
  • Roger Thurow, author of the book Enough: Why the World’s Poorest Starve in an Age of Plenty

Tune in tomorrow at 9:00 am (PDT) to watch TEDxChange »

Or find a TEDxChange livestream event near you »

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