7 TEDx Talks by guys with excellent beards

image"Strider" at TEDxDarwin

Beards have a patchy history. King Henry VIII started taxing beards in 1535. Peter the Great of Russia declared his own war on fuzz 200 years later. Massachusetts law once required men to pay for a license just to rock a goatee and, on the other side of the razor, it was once illegal not to grow a beard in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Thankfully, the war on fuzzy faces might just have finally stalled. Help us celebrate great whiskers by watching these 7 talks from speakers with facial hair so impressive you might just want to grow your own (imaginary or not).

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Reduced Misery: Paul Krugman at TEDxColumbiaSIPA
At TEDxColumbiaSIPA, Paul Krugman expands on happiness economics and what economics can do to make you less miserable, citing work from Sigmund Freud and Ben Bernake, two fellow beard-wearers.

Learning to Lose to Learn: A Funny Thing About Arguments: Dan Cohen at TEDxColbyCollege
Why do we argue? At TEDxColbyCollege, heavily-whiskered philosopher Dan Cohen muses over arguing and reveals that the best way to win an argument may in fact be losing it.

Ugliness and Savagery in Art as a Crisis of the Sacred in Aesthetics?: Dimitri Goossens at TEDxUtrecht
Rocking a fabulous beard/hair combo, Dimitri Goossens talks about shock and obscenity in art and the media at TEDxUtrecht.

Punk Rock, A.A. Milne and Breaking the All Ages Taboo: Chris T-T at TEDxBrighton
At TEDxBrighton, punk rocker Chris T-T explains how a realization that his core fan base were no longer young anarchists, but parents of children, prompted a big change in his music and taught him about the importance of writing to suit your audience.

Evereman is 4U: Evereman at TEDxPeachtree 2012
With arguably the most magnificent beard of this collection, Evereman, a man locally known as the Dumbledore of the Atlanta art scene, talks about his interactive street art project at TEDxPeachtree.

Biochar: The Oldest New Thing You’ve Never Heard Of: Wae Nelson at TEDxOrlando
At TEDxOrlando, bearded mechanical engineer turned gardener Wae Nelson introduces the audience to Biochar, a “carbon-negative” compound used to improve horticultural yield while decreasing CO2.

Fire management and the new pioneering in northern Australia: Strider at TEDxDarwin 2012
Owner of a very impressive beard, naturalist Strider discusses the long-lasting effect of fires on the ecology of Australia, a country known for its bushfires.

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