Getting kids to read — one video at a time.


How to get kids to read? Tell them why you do it. So says the team at TEDxYouth@Doha, who have just launched a new campaign called Laysh (“Why" in colloquial Arabic), calling for people across Qatar and the world to upload a 1-2 minute video in Arabic or English on their relationship with reading to encourage kids to pick up more books.

"Through Laysh, we hope to speak to the youth of Qatar who (unfortunately) do not read much," says organizer Uzair Mohammad.

"Whether you want to tell your story by speaking to a camera, acting for it, or directing it, you can take part by joining us in a conversation on reading," the team writes on their website. "So, now that we are asking you, what would you like to share?

How to share with Laysh? They’ve provided 6 easy steps:

Step 1: Turn on a camera.
Step 2: Record yourself or someone or something.
Step 3: Check your video to see if you like it. If you’re not happy with it, return to Step 1.
Step 4: Upload the video to us.
Step 5: Tell your friends to spread the word.
Step 6: Follow the conversation on:

For more information on Laysh, visit their website at

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