Above, the super-cool trailer for the 4th event from TEDxThessaloniki in Thessaloniki, Greece. Watch if you’ve ever loved video games, animation, or music that kinda sounds like dubstep.

Says the organizers,

TEDxThessaloniki is about the “Power of Syn (+).”

"Syn" is the Greek word for "plus" and also a prefix found in so many powerful words such as synergy, synthesis, symbiosis and synthesis.

"Syn" has also the same function as "co-" in words like collaboration, coexistence, contribution and combination.

The spirit of all the above words is the one we aim to spread this year. In our effort to shed light on the importance of adding one, or more, ‘syn’ in our daily life, we will discover together the added value of thinking and acting positively.

Mario Εrmitikos Spiroglou, director
Christina Biliouri, creative director
Ioannis Ergeletzis, graphic designer

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