Above: For their 4th birthday, TEDxSKE created this wonderful animation describing just what it’s like to attend a TEDx Salon. Look out for the mentions of food, fun, and…pillow fights?

From the video:

What do we actually do there? After switching the lights off and sitting comfortably in bean bags, we watch three to four TED Talks on the screen or projection.

We then have some time to debate them (always keeping order, of course).

…After more than three hours of debate, laughter, and networking, we all say, ‘See you next week,’ looking forward to the next Salon…

Actually, without feeling the time passing by, we spend a couple more hours chatting at the door [and] after some more chatting next to my car, I drive home, feeling all fulfilled … But then I find my dad almost having a heart attack for not finding me home at 2 AM or answering my phone — previously switched to silent mode.

While we heartily encourage intellectual discussion and the use of bean bag chairs, we’d like to recommend that you always check in with loved ones if you’re going to stay out late at a TEDx event.

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